I am passionate about Music and Drumming.  My teaching approach is to focus and apply the knowledge and experience I have gained and am still gaining as a professional musician, teacher and music educator over the last 25 years to each lesson and to interact with students in a positve and encouraging way.  I have been able to help drummers of various ages and levels increase their skills, effectiveness and overall enjoyment in music.  I believe learning can be both fun and serious.

 Some areas covered in lessons are:     

  • Technique, rhythmic reading and rudiments for snare drum with an emphasis on musicality
  • Learning songs, grooves and techniques on drum set
  • Sticking & Coordination patterns
  • Developing great time
  • Drum set chart reading and interpretation
  • The importance of learning different styles of music
  • Developing listening skills
  • Developing great work attitudes
  • Playing with Confidence
  • Improvisation
  • And Much More!

Lessons are planned with consideration for the individual with flexibility, having the aim of finding what learning methods works best for them, what their interests and learning styles are, while developing a solid musical foundation.

If you live the New York area, and are interested in taking drum lessons, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or  you can contact me using the box to the left and we can discuss my teaching and playing experience in detail.

I teach private students one-on-one at my home or can travel to the students home depending on the circumstances.

Places I have taught drum set and percussion also include:

The Henry Street Settlement (NYC Lower East Side), PS 175 (Harlem),  District 32 Military School (Bushwick),  PS 77 (Queens), Lycee Francais (K-12 private school, NYC Upper East Side),      Dr. Music's Little Band School (Jersey City, NJ), William Alexander Middle School (Brooklyn).

In addition, for four years I worked as a Teaching Artist of Music in fourteen different elementary and middle schools in the NYC Public School system in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan leading residencies that provided instrumental and general music instruction to large groups of students from diverse backgrounds either in their regular classroom, after-school or on Saturdays.

 All Ages And Levels Welcome!   Thank you for your interest!